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Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is not an abnormal condition. Research has shown that 37% of all women regularly suffer from vaginal dryness. This condition can affect all age groups and can range from slight discomfort to a long-term painful condition. Although most women are quite uncomfortable discussing vaginal dryness, a high-quality lubricant such as Lubrilan can offer temporary relief.
Vaginal dryness can have several causes:

low sexual arousal (click for more info)

Vaginal dryness may occur when women have intercourse without actually being in the mood to engage in sexual activities. In a number of cases this may cause irritation at the opening of the vagina. This pain can lead to a fear of pain which stops women from becoming sexually aroused with as a result that they end up in some kind of vicious circle.

after the menopause (click for more info)

Once the menopause has well and truly set in, the production of oestrogen automatically decreases, causing the mucous membrane of the vagina to become thinner and dryer.

during breast-feeding (click for more info)

In the period before and after childbirth the body has to cope with many hormonal changes. One effect of these changes can be a decrease in vaginal discharge.

tiredness and stress (click for more info)

Tiredness and stress affect the production of bodily fluids. This may lead to dry eyes, a dry mouth or a dry vagina.Tiredness and stress

medication (click for more info)

Medicines such as anti-depressants, antihistamines, vasodilators, diuretics and urine-incontinence medication adversely affect the production of bodily fluids.

chronic illnesses and conditions (click for more info)

Chronic illnesses and conditions can affect the condition of the vaginal mucous membrane. Illnesses in which these complaints are most common are diabetes, Sjögren’s Syndrome, endometriosis and kidney diseases. Medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or haemodialysis, can also give rise to complaints about vaginal dryness.

Lubrilan is not only highly indicated for vaginal dryness but can also be used in episiotomies (preventive incision of the perineum between the vulva and anus during childbirth), after surgery, in dyspareunia (persistent genital pain during coitus) and in people affected by lichen sclerosus (skin disorder causing chronic pain, itch and a burning sensation at the vulva).8





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