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About Lubrilan

There is no longer any need to suffer from vaginal dryness.
Lubrilan, the vaginal water-based lubricant par excellence, has been especially developed to effectively and easily remedy any dryness problems you may have been suffering from while engaging in sexual intercourse.

Why Lubrilan? (click for more info)

Many gynaecologists and physicians have been recommending Lubrilan for years now. And with good reason. Being a water-based product, Lubrilan is a near-perfect match to the fluid your own body produces. What’s more, Lubrilan is a grease-proof lubricant and is therefore perfectly safe when used in combination with condoms. Lubrilan is scent-free, clear and causes significantly less vaginal residue. It is completely neutral and does not leave any stains.

How should Lubrilan be applied? (click for more info)

Lubrilan can be used safely over extended periods of time. Because of its relatively long-lasting effectiveness, it can be applied some time in advance. Lubrilan should be applied around the opening of the woman’s vagina. Apply a generous dose with the fingertips and repeat as often as you like. For men, Lubrilan should be applied to the penis. When using condoms, the lubricant should be applied to the condom itself. For optimum results, we recommend that both partners use the lubricant. There are no restrictions in terms of use. Lubrilan gives a long-lasting, pleasant feeling.

Properties (click for more info)

  • For him and for her.
  • Grease-proof (no oils or silicone), water-based product.
  • Combination of 2 skin-friendly lubricants (glycerine and hydroxyethyl cellulose) in 1 clear and scent-free gel.
  • Causes significantly less vaginal residue
  • Neutral pH (5-7), adapted to the indicated use
  • Completely neutral, does not leave any stains
  • Non-hormonal • Does not interfere with the effectiveness of condoms
  • Does not affect the quality of sperm
  • Does not have any contraceptive properties
  • Safe to use and easily tolerated
  • Recommended by gynaecologists

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